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Well, That’s One Way to Move a Shark…

Posted on: January 18, 2016 by Platinum Direct

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Picture this – you are driving through Safety Bay, Perth on a warm January afternoon. The sun is shining, the birds, the air is fresh – it’s just another day in WA.

Then, slowly, an odd smell starts wafting through the air con. You think nothing of it at first, but the smell gets stronger. That’s odd – you can’t put your finger on the source, but there’s definitely something ‘fishy’ going on.

All of a sudden, you see this in your rear view mirror…

That’s right, that really is a 5-foot tiger shark strapped to the front of that car. A real beauty too!

That’s got to be the most unusual hood ornament we’ve ever seen – let’s hope it doesn’t catch on…

So many questions…

This is one of those internet videos that manages to give you way more questions than it answers. Questions like, “Seriously?”, “Is this really happening?”, and “Why…?”

We’ve all heard stories of people hitting boomers on drives in the country, or hunters tagging bucks, and then strapping their trophies to the bonnets of their cars – or maybe they will chuck them in the back of their utes.

But how far off the beaten track do you have to drive to accidentally run over a tiger shark?

Or if this guy is a certified shark hunter, why doesn’t he have his own TV series?

The plot thickens when we discovered that the driver of the shark-laden 4×4 was actually a great-grandfather in his seventies!

Just a few answers…

Turns out our shark-wrangling anonymous great-granddaddy is actually a good Samaritan of sorts.

He was fishing off the coast near Perth when he landed the catch of a lifetime. The shark was already long dead by the time he landed it, so unfortunately for us (but fortunately for him) there was no epic clash of man vs beast.

However, the man noticed there were many divers in the vicinity of the dead shark. Worried that the blood may attract a host of hungry sharks into the area, the man attempted to haul the shark into his boat.

Struggling to lift the shark into his boat – an adult tiger shark can easily weigh upwards of 440 kilos – he decided to strap the shark to the front of his car.

How the man managed to strap the carcass to his grill when couldn’t lift the buoyant body out of the water remains unanswered.

Also, none of that answers our most important question – “Why is this guy driving down the road with a shark on the front of his car?”

But it’s not over yet…

The video of our infamous shark-wrangler has reached over 140,000 views in the last few days. As with all matters of public unimportance, the government has stepped in. Turns out the Department of Fisheries caught wind of our fisherman and are looking to talk to him to decide if there has been a breach of regulations.

According to the Department of Fisheries, any shark caught in Perth must be shorter that 70 centimetres fin-to-fin. As this tiger shark seems to be fully grown, it looks like our fisherman may have broken this rule by a couple of hundred centimetres.

Strapping a shark to the front of your car, however, is completely fine in the Department of Fisheries book.

If you just can’t seem to wash the smell of shark from the grill of your car, make sure you use to make sure you come to Platinum Direct Finance to get the best rates available.

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