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Top Five Cars You Will Never Own (But Wish You Could)

Posted on: January 14, 2014 by Platinum Direct

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We all know what sells cars – its reliability, four doors and a steering wheel. These are the staples to every good car and the manufacturers know the formula well. However, every once in a while, the car manufacturers take a complete left turn on the conventional formula and come up with a vehicle so impractical that it would never make it into production. Even if you wanted to own one of these spectacular and unusual cars, you never will because they will never hit the factory floor.

1. Nissan Pivo 2

Year: 2005

Why it’s special: Putting aside how ridiculous you might look inside the Nissan Pivo 2, it’s quite a functional vehicle. With a 360 degree rotating three seater cabin resting on a chassis of four wheels which each possess small electric motors that allow the wheels to move independently you’ll never have to worry about the awkward reverse park again- just sidle on in. The Pivo 2 is powered by a lithium ion battery and has an Around View Monitor which is designed to reduce blind spots. However the real highlight of the Pivo 2 is the Robot Co-pilot. Yes, a robot co-pilot. Because who doesn’t want a robot for a companion when stuck in traffic?

Why you will never own it: unfortunately the cost of production weighs heavily against this ever seeing the light of day.

Nissan Pivo 2
CC by MIKI Yoshihito

2. Honda Unibox

Year: 2001

Why it’s special: Because it’s the weirdest looking thing you could be seen in. Remember when reality TV decided to put a glass box on the pavement with people living inside? It’s like that, except you’re the one being ogled in the mobile fish tank. It’s not all bad- the draw card of the Honda Unibox is that it doubles as a getaway vehicle with two small Honda motorcycles stored in the car’s door frames-for those Bonnie and Clyde moments. Oh, and in you getaway, don’t worry about hitting pedestrians- the Unibox has external airbags.

Why you will never own it: Unsurprisingly there’s no market demand for a mobile glass box.
Honda Unibox
Source: www.cardesignnews.com

3. Volkswagen GX3

Year: 2007

Why it’s special: Somewhere between a motorcycle and a car, the Volkswagen GX3 gives you speed, fuel economy and the wind in your hair as you breeze down the freeway. A two seater, this vehicle would be purely for enjoyment and it sits low enough that you might feel like you’re street sledding.

Why you will never own it: Volkswagen got cold feet over the design and admitted reservations about the vehicles safety- sitting so low to the road, the likelihood of being taken out by a semi trailer or SUV was paramount and thus the affordable concept car was shelved.

Volkswagen GX3
Source: Picasa


Year: mid 2000s

Why it’s special: ‘Let’s build a car out of cloth,’ said no one ever. Until BMW head designer, Chris Bangle, took motor vehicle creativity down an indulgent tangent. The GINA body is constructed from a sturdy seamless fabric stretched over a movable metal frame that the driver has complete control of – Transformers anyone?

Why you will never own it: Built purely to ‘challenge existing principles and conventional processes’ a material car may not be terribly pragmatic on a rainy day.
BMW Gina

5. Ford Seattle-ite

Year: 1963

Why it’s special: Progressive for its time someone in the Ford Design department birthed this stunning concept vehicle that is still, today, ahead of its’ time. Intended to run off interchangeable fuel cells, this six wheeled vehicle is the winner of the concept car pool- imagine the Jetson’s as our reality and then leap forward to the Fifth Element- brilliant.

Why you will never own it: We’re still closing in on the finish line of the technology required to manifest this epically awesome vehicle.

Ford Seattle-ite
Source: Flickr.com

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