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Top 4 Car Gadgets to get Dad on Father’s Day

Posted on: August 23, 2013 by Platinum Direct

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Some fathers receive socks for Father’s Day, other dads are happy with a jersey of their favourite sports team. However, if your dad is more interested in flashing lights, items that require batteries and objects with four wheels and an engine, you should check out some of these latest gadgets for his ride.

Gadget motor
Photo by Paul Pierce – Flickr.com

Here are four gizmos that every tech-savvy, rev-head dad must have, just in time for Father’s Day.

iO Play 2

Released in early 2013, the iO Play 2 is an innovative in-car music streaming and hands-free Bluetooth device that is compatible with all iPhones, iPods, mobile phones, MP3 players and Sat Nav systems.

Now your dad can listen to Springsteen and The Eagles all he wants with this device that uses CSR Bluetooth technology to provide high-levels of sound quality and performance. Not only does the iO Play 2 let drivers and passengers listen to music stored on any portable device, it can also make and receive hands-free mobile calls.

In addition, the iO Play 2 offers advanced Text to Speech technology for every search category including, Songs, Artists, Albums, Podcasts, Audio books so dad doesn’t have to take his eyes off the road.

Check out my-io.com for more information.

Viper SmartStart GPS

The Viper SmartStart GPS is part security system, part GPS and part diagnostic logbook. Setting you back around $399, the Viper SmartStart is a module that dad can install into his car, allowing him to lock, unlock and start his car, simply by pushing a button on his smartphone.

In addition to the keyless entry, the smartphone app also alerts him when he’s left a door open (as it commonly happens after a fishing trip), what the ambient temperature is and even gives him diagnostic feedback on the car’s health.

The GPS location features go even further, allowing dad to set alarms to notify him if the car enters or leaves certain predefined zones or if it goes over a certain speed. In addition, the Viper SmartStart app allows dad to access a number of the car’s other functions, including opening windows and turning on the radio.

That said, having all these features does involve an ongoing subscription fee and if the price is not right, there is a cheaper version around $229 that offers less features.

Check out vipersecurity.com.au for more info.


This one is for the dads that must have their daily cup of Joe but are too busy to make it. The Handpresso is a portable espresso machine that fits right into a car’s cup holder and uses the car’s 12V cigarette lighter outlet to make a steaming cup of coffee. There are a number of accessories that go with the Handpresso, including paper cups, a grinder and travel carry case.

The original unit will set you back around $150 and to find out more, visit handpresso.com/accueil.html

Cheap Parking App

Every once in a while, a smartphone app comes along that genuinely makes your life easier – and the Cheap Parking app is one of these. If your father drives and works in the city, it may be worth setting him up with this app. Powered by www.carparking.info, the app independently lists and compares hundreds of car parks in Australia and New Zealand, including private operators such as Wilson Parking and Secure Parking as well as council car parks, shopping centres, hotels, hospitals and more.

Moreover, the app’s database is updated daily with real-time rates and all your dad needs to do is enter his estimated arrival and departure times. The app will then triangulate cheap car spots based on his current location. It even takes into account special rates such as evening or early bird rates.

So how much would you expect to pay for this app? Nothing, zero, zilch. It is totally free! You can download the app from the Apple App store or the Google Play store.

Happy Father’s Day dad!

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