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The Top 10 Celebrity Rides

Posted on: September 19, 2013 by Platinum Direct

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Celebrities know they are going to be in the spotlight when they go out and want to leave a great impression on their fans. One way they look their best is by heading out in some of the fastest, luxurious, and most impressive cars on the market today. Here are the top 10 celebrity rides we’ve seen so far this year.

Justin Bieber – Ferrari 458 Italia

Pop star Justin Bieber has had problems in the past with speeding, especially while trying to get away from the paparazzi. He doesn’t look like he’ll be slowing down anytime soon as with the Ferrari 458 Italia he’s sure to be one of the fastest cars on the road at all times.
Photo by: Axion23 – Ferrari 458 Italia – Flickr.com

Alex Rodriquez – Maybach

Baseball star Alex Rodriquez prefers a more reserved, classier look with the Maybach. This super luxury car has all the latest technology and lists for about $400,000. While the Mayback is built to be driven by a chauffeur, Rodriquez has also been seen driving himself to and from the baseball practice field.
Photo by: ppmfl – Maybach 57S – Flickr.com

Drake – Bugatti Veyron

It’s easy to tell when the rapper Drake has arrived when he rolls in with his Bugatti Veyron. This is one of the fastest and most expensive cars on the market. Just in case you have any doubts, you can tell its Drake’s car by the personalized “Started” license plate.
Photo by: Autoviva – Bugatti Veyron Super Sport – Flickr.com

Eddie Murphy – Mercedes SLS

Comedian Eddie Murphy is always looking sharp in his Mercedes-Benz SLS. This sports car lists for about $200,000. The upward opening doors make Murphy look like he is driving a spaceship rather than a car. This is appropriate considering the SLS’ high top speeds.

eddie murphy
Photo by: Davi Sanchez – Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 45th Anniversary – Flickr.com

David Beckham – McLaren 12C Spider

Football star David Beckham has a stylish reputation that he needs to uphold. He does just that with his beautiful, black McLaren 12C Spider. This sports car combines a classic look with engineering that pushes the boundaries of driving performance.
Photo by: Sébastien Launay – McLaren MP4 12C Spider – Flickr.com

Jennifer Lopez – Bentley Continental

Jennifer Lopez is often seen riding around in one of her two Bentleys, her Bentley Continental and Bentley Arnage. These great cars offer plenty of room and comfortable leather interiors to relax in.
Jennifer Lopez
Photo by: Ben – bentley continental Mansory – Flickr.com

Miley Cyrus – Porsche Cayenne GTS

Singer Miley Cyrus has been dominating headlines since her wild performance at the VMAs. Driving in public, Cyrus prefers a more subdued look with the Porsche Cayenne GTS. This ride is a beauty but isn’t nearly as attention grabbing as Cyrus can be while on stage.
miley cyrus
Photo by: Alexandre Prévot – Porsche Cayenne GTS – Flickr.com

Mario Balotelli – Ferrari 458 Italia

AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli always needs to move at a fast speed on the football pitch. Off-field, he doesn’t slow down with the Ferrari 458 Italia. This high-end Italian sports car surely plays well to the home crowds in Milan.
mario balotelli
Photo by: Supermac1961 – Ferrari 458 Italia – Flickr.com

Aaron Paul – Lamborghini Aventador

Actor Aaron Paul made a name for himself by starring in the hit show Breaking Bad. With his new fame and fortune, Paul treated himself to a beautiful Lamborghini Aventador, a definite upgrade over his ride before becoming a celebrity.
aaron paul
Photo by: LotPro Cars – Lamborghini Aventador – Flickr.com

Usain Bolt – Nissan GT-R

Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the World, has a reputation to uphold and can’t be slowing everyone down on the road. With the Nissan GT-R, he doesn’t have to worry. This sports car was built for the race track and some models aren’t even legally allowed on regular roads.
ussain bolt
Photo by: MIKI Yoshihito – NISSAN GT-R – Flickr.com

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