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The Best James Bond 007 Cars Ever Made

Posted on: November 28, 2013 by Platinum Direct

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Spanning 23 films over 49 years, the James Bond movie franchise is the longest running franchise in cinema history. Complete with guns, girls, gadgets and, of course, great cars, the Bond movies have a formula that appeals to the imagination of many.

In the original novels, 007’s car of choice was the Bentley, but in the movies, Bond has sat behind the wheel of a series of iconic cars including Aston Martins, BMWs to AMCs, all usually fitted with an array of nifty gadgets from Q Branch.

Here are 6 of Bond’s sexiest cars to have appeared on screen:

Aston Martin DB5

James Bond’s 1964 Aston Martin DB5 has been dubbed “the most famous car in the world”. The DB5 first appeared with Sean Connery in the driver’s seat, in Goldfinger then reappeared in Thunderball, and Goldeneye until it was destroyed in Bond’s latest installment – SkyFall. The Aston Martin DB5 is now so rare, and so valuable, that a 3D printed model was used in the destruction scene.

The car also comes with a host of gadgets including bullet-proof windows, revolving number plates, various clever defence mechanisms and, most famously, an ejector seat.

In the movies, not one but two Silver Birch DB5s appeared in the early Bond movies – one known as the Effects Car and the other as the Road Car. In 1969, broadcaster Jerry Lee bought the Road Car for $12,000 and then he sold it in 2010 for a cool $4.1 million. It is now displayed in a private car museum in Ohio. The Effects Car, however, was stolen in 1997 and has not been found.

DB5 James Bond
CC by grobertson4

AMC Hornet

One of the most memorable action sequences in the entire 007 series is a highlight of The Man with the Golden Gun. In this sequence, Bond disdains his usual European rides for one of the greatest Bond vehicles ever – the AMC Hornet. This time, there are no missiles, rocket boosters or ejector seats – just a piece of American iron that is pure muscle.

The scene involves Bond jumping the Hornet 40 feet over a river, doing a 360 degree barrel roll in mid air before landing the car on its wheels on the opposite bank. Stuntman “Bumps” Willard performed this amazing feat in one take on June 1, 1974. The Hornet was fitted with a centralised steering wheel and floor-mounted automatic transmission for the stunt. “Bumps” performed this amazing feat crouched out of sight between two dummies representing Roger Moore’s 007 and Clifton James’ Sheriff J. W. Pepper.
AMC Hornet James Bond
Source: http://geekleagueofamerica.com

Lotus Esprit S1

Eight different versions of the lean and mean Lotus Esprit submarine car were driven by Roger Moore in The Spy Who Loved Me. One of these was recently scooped up at an auction in London for just under $1 million. The submersible car was converted by Perry Submarines and driven underwater by frogmen in the movie.
Lotus Esprit James Bond
Source: http://geekleagueofamerica.com

Aston Martin DBS

In Daniel Craig’s first foray as Bond, Casino Royale, another Aston Martin takes a starring role – this time it’s the DBS. While the car is low on gadgets by Bond standards, featuring only a concealed Walther P99 with silencer, a Medipac and computer link to MI6, the scene where stuntman Adam Kirley rolls the car seven and three quarter times is a verified Guinness World Record. A standard ramp would have been insufficient to flip the car, so an air-powered cannon was fitted the driver’s seat that punched a cylinder into the road, instantly flipping the car. Kirley had to hit the cannon release at exactly the right moment while driving at 90kph.
Aston Martin James Bond
CC by pyntofmyld

BMW 750iL

Bond’s BMW 750iL from Tomorrow Never Dies, starring Pierce Brosnan, is the ultimate secret weapon. Its sedate exterior hides a powerhouse of firepower including an assortment of missiles mounted in the sun roof. Other modifications include a cutting cable behind the front emblem and a caltrop dispenser in the rear.
However, where the BMW really excites is its self-drive feature. Using his smart phone, Bond manages to evade and repel a group of crims in a parking lot by steering the car from the backseat. The car chase sequence took three weeks to film.
BMW 750il James Bond
CC by The Car Spy

Russian T55 Tank

No need for fancy gadgets when you have a tank at your disposal. In GoldenEye, Bond turns half of St Petersburg into rubble when he steals a Russian tank and races through the streets in pursuit of Janus agent, General Ourumov. Let’s not forget that he also stopped an armoured train by firing a cannon shell into a tunnel.
Russian tt5 tank

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