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A Simple Guide to Choosing the Right Car For Your Retirement

Posted on: June 7, 2016 by Platinum Direct

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A Simple Guide Choosing the Right Car For Your Retirement

Whether you are looking to grow old gracefully or go out in a blaze of glory… here is how to choose the best car for your twilight years.

Picking the right car for your retired years is a bigger decision than it has ever been.

It used to be that retirement was easy: you collected your pension, enjoyed the sunshine and rode out your final years in the same battered old coupé.

With life expectancy on the up quicker than the retirement age, a car that was only supposed to be used for a few years might now have to last you from your 65th to 100th birthday. So it’s more important than ever to choose a car that treats you right, and you can build a relationship with.

Most retirees choose comfort or familiarity, although a few might go nuts and splash out their savings on a 500 BHP muscle-bound beast – but good on them!

But before you say “Screw it!” and splash out on that Mustang, let’s have a look at a few sensible suggestions for choosing a car for your retirement.


After spending so many years worrying about the problems of others – your children, your colleagues… It makes sense to try and make your retirement years as comfortable as possible, and the last thing you need is a car that gives out on you half way up the motorway.

Cars like the sensible Toyota Camrys are always a safe investment. Sure, it’s nothing special, but low reward means low risk, which in itself is its own reward.

Other safe bets will come from Toyota, Lexus, Porsche, Honda, Hyundai and Mazda. Generally, Asian car marques are known for their reliability.

Also, consider cars that offer long warranties, just in case – Kia offers the longest warranty on the market right now.


Let’s be honest here… with old age comes extra risk on the road. Even if you’ve been driving for 50+ years, slower reaction times and deteriorating senses can throw up challenges on the road that you’ve never experienced before.

Luckily, many modern cars have incredible safety systems that can compensate for the areas where you may not be as strong anymore. Tech like blind spot detection could save you from bumps and bruises, and automatic emergency braking might just save your life.

Other safety tech to look out for are collision warnings, fatigue warnings (easily overlooked by many), rear cross traffic alerts and lane departure warnings.

Safe bets for safety are the usual Asian car marques like Subaru, Hyundai, Honda and Toyota, but also European prestige car marques like BMW and Audi. Of course, Volvo, with its kangaroo detection software on the way, are the slow-and-steady safety kings.


When you’re achy and breaky, the last thing you want on your morning drive to the shops is a punishing ride. Keeping yourself comfortable is key and will help you seize the day once you get to your final destination.

Cars with high profile tyres and lower wheel diameters tend to have a softer ride. These are usually SUVs like the Toyota RAV4 and the Subaru Forester. These cars are also easier to get in, with great front seat access and plenty of room for manoeuvrability inside. As an added bonus towering over the roads with a large windscreen ensures you have plenty of vision and minimal blind spots.

Other cars that have great rides are simple straight-shooters like the Ford Mondeo, the Holden Commodore, the Outback and the VW Polo, Golf, and Passat.


Or alternatively, you could just stuff all this advice and have some fun. Go on, blow all your kid’s inheritance on a Ford Mustang and burnout into the sunset in style.

If you are about to retire and need a new car, make sure you keep as much of your savings as possible and use our Car Finance Calculator to get the best finance rates available for your new car. 

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