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Pink Cars to Buy in the Australian Market

Posted on: October 10, 2013 by Platinum Direct

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When you go shopping for a new car, it’s important to find a colour that matches your style. Most cars only offer standard options like blue, black, or green. If you want a more unique colour like pink, you’re going to need to look a bit harder.

While most manufacturers avoid pink, there are a few models out there that do come in this colour. These all give you the chance to express yourself and show off your favourite colour to the World.

The Honda Jazz

Honda has released a new version of the Honda Jazz. This version is known as the She’s model because it’s designed specifically for women.

While available in pink, this car can come in a variety of different colours. Honda also claims that it designed the air conditioner and windshield in this car to help women keep their skin healthier. The air conditioner supposedly doesn’t dry out your skin while the windows block out UV rays.

Honda launched this car to appeal to women in Japan who have indicated they prefer a cute car. If pink is your colour though, this model could be a good choice in Australia as well.

pink honda
Photo by: Thomas doerfer

The Holden Barina

Holden is another company that offers pink models to its customers. The creative designer from Holden said that roughly one third of car shopper’s rate colour as a big part of their buying decision.

Holden’s research also found that there was significant demand for a pink car; that’s why they’re making this colour more common.

In addition to coming in techno pink, the Holden Barina has a decent fuel consumption rate at an average 7L/100km. It is quite popular with city drivers and great for people who might be more willing to experiment with colours.

Holden estimates that roughly 10 per cent of its Barina sales were in pink and these cars weren’t just purchased by females.

chevy spark
Photo by: Daniel Oines – Chevy Spark aka Holden Barina – Flickr.com

Nissan Micra

The Nissan Micra is another Australian car that comes in a range of colours including pink.
pink micra
Photo by: DY5W-sport

The new Nissan Micra has come a long way since its predecessors. The Micra comes in four versions, the Micra Ti is a 1.2 litre four speed automatic, the ST and the ST-L both a 1.2 litre engine and the Micra Plus which comes with a 1.5L engine.

The Micra Plus and Micra Ti are available in 4 speed Automatic while the ST range comes in both 4 speed automatic or 5 speed manual.

Make your own pink car

Pink isn’t the easiest colour to find for your car but you do have a few options out there. Keep in mind too that all it takes to turn any car pink is a quick custom paint job. Between these cars and a paint job, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to own a pink car.

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