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The Nation’s favourite cars according to state

Posted on: October 6, 2015 by Platinum Direct

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This week August sales figures revealed that new vehicle sales have shot up again to a whopping 90,705, up by 2.9 per cent compared with July’s record-breaking figures.

Despite car sales dropping in some states like South & Western Australia, a boom in sales in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland are pushing sales figures to record highs. This puts us on track for a record year for sales – Australian’s just can’t get enough new cars!

But what are we buying?

SUVs, apparently. In August, SUVs accounted for more than 1/3 of all new vehicles sold, which is a trend we’ve seen coming for some time, although these figures surpass expectations.

Passenger cars and light commercial vehicles have seen significant drops, in line with people realising that a good SUV is a perfect balance between the two model types.

But despite this trend spreading across the country, there will be many of you sitting at home wondering who all these people are in their massive Sports Utility Vehicles driving around their suburban neighbourhoods.

Australia’s a big country, and while SUVs are trending nationwide, what’s selling like hotcakes where you live may be very different.

That’s why we’ve used current sales stats to break down what cars are hot in your state right now, and what you can expect to see in traffic jams in the near future!

New South Wales

New South Wales is the cool kid on the block – setting the trends for car sales across the country. The top 10 car models in NSW are almost exactly the same as the Australia’s favourite cars as a whole. This means if you look out your window right now you are most likely to see a Toyota Corolla, then a Mazda, followed by the Toyota Hilux, the Hyundai i30 and the Holden Commodore in that order.

NSW is also leading the charge when it comes to growing new car sales.

Unsurprisingly, Toyota comes out top in terms of best-selling brands, with Mazda at their heels. In a shock twist, however, Korean monolith Hyundai has knocked homegrown Holden of the podium and into 4th place.

In terms of trends the brand you can expect to see more of in the upcoming months is the rising star Jeep. Jeep has jumped up to 12th place on the sales leaderboards with their huge 47% increase in sales in recent times! Our advice is to buy a Jeep now before everyone’s got one to stay ahead of the game.


Victoria, on the other hand, has a much more refined taste than the country as a whole. Over 40% of all sales of the premium German imports Mercedes and BMW are in Victoria – so expect to see a lot of smug faces on your morning commute.

As Ford are one of the few manufacturers still working in Australia, their factory in Geelong probably contributes to the fact that you are much more likely to see a new Ford in Victoria than anywhere else in the country.

A more surprising local favourite is Renault, who sees half of all its sales nationally within Victoria, despite being 19th nationally.

Victoria’s favourite car models, however, are pretty reflective of the country as a whole, with the Mazda 3 leading, followed by the Holden Commodore and the Toyota Corolla.


The “Welcome to Queensland” sign may as well be subtitled “Home of the Ute”, with half of the top ten best-selling models in this state being pick-ups. Top place is the immensely popular Toyota Hilux, with the Mitsubishi Triton, Ford Ranger, Holden Colorado and the Nissan Navara all sitting between the 5th and 10th positions.

In terms of favourite marques, Asian imports rule the day in terms of sales. Toyota, Australia’s favourite car manufacturer, holds double the market share of its competitors. Other Asian imports in the top spots are Mazda and Hyundai, with Australia’s own Holden once again taking 4th place.

Western Australia

Western Australia is one of the two states that has seen a decrease in car sales, around 8%, over the last year. For a state that is the second-largest country ‘subdivision’ in the world, with 11% of Australia’s population, it may be surprising to hear that it trails in 3rd in terms of new car sales.

The most notable top 10 car manufacturer is Jeep – clearly becoming more and more favoured due to its solid off-roaders being perfect for traversing large stretches of outback territory.

Of course, the mighty Toyota sits on top with over 20% of the share of the entire market, followed by Hyundai. Holden, Ford and Mazda are all within the top 5.

In terms of models sold, Toyota tops the list once again with the Hilux and the Corolla, but Hyundai is hot on their heels with the i30, the ix35 and the i20 all in the top 10.

South Australia

As the birthplace of Holden, with manufacturing still continuing in Adelaide today, it’s great to see an Australian brand leading sales. The Holden Commodore is so popular in South Australia if you are reading this in Adelaide you probably own one already. The Holden Cruze is also more popular in SA than anywhere else down under.

The rest of the top models are regular contenders – the Toyota Hilux & Corolla, the Mazda 3 and the Ford Ranger.

Despite Holden’s popularity, the home team still gets thrashed by the big boys from abroad. Toyota and Mazda hold the top 2, but Holden beats Mitsubishi to 3rd place.


Tasmania (perhaps unsurprisingly) has different tastes to the mainland. Toyota and Ford are strong across the region, with the Toyota Corolla and Ford Ranger neck-and-neck on the list of the top-selling models. Tasmania is the only state where the Ford Ranger has managed to break the hold of the universally successful Toyota Hilux. The Mitsubishi Triton and the Hyundai i20 also perform better here than anywhere else.

Mitsubishi beats Holden and Hyundai in Tasmania, coming second behind the unbeatable Toyota. There’s another surprise further down the list as Subaru have managed to squeeze themselves into number 8.

Tasmania is another state that has seen a drop in new car sales, with a 10% decline year-on-year – the largest throughout in Australia.

Australian Capital Territory

Residents of ACT have by far the most varied tastes in cars compared to the rest of the territories. While Toyota and Mazda are still the top 2 brands, they control considerably less of the market share than in the other states. This has allowed Volkswagen to sneak in at a surprise 4th place.

Premium German imports perform above average in the capital, with BMW seeing 2.3% market share and Audi owning 2.2%. These are small numbers in comparison to the 12% share Toyota enjoys, but they are much higher in ACT than anywhere else in Australia.

The fact that the Mazda 3 takes an unsurprising 1st place in terms of model sales is juxtaposed by the number 2 – the VW Golf, whose popularity increases by 10% each year!

Northern Territory

It seems like in the Northern Territories you can’t swing a stick without hitting half a dozen Toyotas, which take up almost 40% of the total market. Mitsubishi, Holden, Mazda and Nissan fill the rest of the top 5 spots respectively.

Toyota absolutely smashes the top 10 selling models, holding all top 6 places with its Hilux, Corolla and Prado sitting in the top 3. It also takes the 8th position with the Land Cruiser Wagon, pushing the Hyundai i20 and the Mazda 3 to sulk in their 11th and 12th positions.

If you want to join in on any current car trends, make sure you use our Car Finance Calculators to see what great financing deals we can offer you!

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