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Footballers and Their Expensive Supercars

Posted on: July 9, 2014 by Platinum Direct

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Since the 2014 world cup kicked off in Brazil, and viewers around the world have been watching their soccer idols give their all on the world stage. But with six figure pay packets, these international football stars can be just as impressive on the road as on the field. Here are ten players with car models just as famous as they are.

David Beckham – Rolls Royce Phantom

Image: www.celebritycarsblog.com

Soccer star David Beckham is also an international fashion icon, and his choice in cars makes it easy to see why. Beckham’s Rolls Royce Phantom, which he purchased for more than $700 000, combines the brand’s timeless class with a decent engine. No one can bend it like Beckham, but now someone can drive like him, as Beckham sold the car for $500 000 last year.

Jermaine Pennant – Aston Martin DBS Chrome

Images: www.ecuavista.com

Jermaine Pennant’s Aston Martin is unique for the simplest of reasons. The car’s colour, chrome, marks it apart from most of its ilk and makes the vehicle a collector’s item. Pennant picked the car up for around $400 000. Jermaine Pennant has played for eight different teams throughout his career – we can only hope he’ll be a little more faithful to his Aston Martin.

El Hadji Diouf – Mercedes – Benz SLR McLaren

Image: www.complex.com

El Hadji Diouf’s McLaren SLR may be very gaudy, but it is also very fast and very expensive. Costing an astronomical $900 000, the former Liverpool and Leeds United player has certainly chosen a car which will get a reaction – regardless of what that reaction is.

Tim Cahill – Lamborghini Gallardo


The Socceroos may have been knocked out the world cup, but Tim Cahill’s stunning goal against the Netherlands remains a highlight. His car, a Lamborghini Gallardo with a v10-powered coupe is just as stunning. Named after a breed of fighting bull, the Gallardo packs 570 horsepower, and can reach 100km/h in 3.4 seconds.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Lamborghini Aventador

Image: wikimedia.org

Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo loves cars, and those who love cars love the Lamborghini Aventador. Capable of 350km/h, and of reaching 100km/h in just 2.9 seconds, this two seat sports car is one of the fastest production cars on the market. One supercar is not enough for Ronaldo, who also owns an Audi RS6 Avant, painted satin black to match the Aventador.

Wayne Rooney – Range Rover Overfinch

Images: www.auto-power-girl.com/

Wayne Rooney is the highest paid player in Manchester United, so it’s no surprise a souped up SUV sits in his garage. Rooney’s Overfinch is not just any Range Rover. It features custom additions including specially made Rolls-Royce Phantom carpets, and bespoke 22 inch wheels engraved with his jersey number.

Robin Van Persie – Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Image: www.coolcarsandgirls.com

The luxury SUV trend continues with Robin Van Persie’s Porsche Cayenne Turbo. This four wheel drive has a top speed of 280km/h and an air filled suspension that can be tailored to different environments. Hate ill-fitting driver’s seats? This Porsche features an 18-way electrical adjustment system so seats can be precisely configured to your exact requirements.

Mario Balotelli – Ferrari F12

Images: wikimedia.org

Italian player Mario Balotelli’s nickname, “Super Mario”, refers equally to Balotelli’s soccer and taste in cars. The Milan striker has selected a bright red Ferrari 12 Berlinetta. The car’s 6.3 litre V-12 engine can hit 100km/h in just 3.1 seconds, and reaches a top speed of 340km/h. If you’re looking to buy a car which costs more than the house, this Ferrari is worth every sent of the $690 000 it costs.

Didier Droba – Mercedes – Benz CL-65 AMG

Images: www.kansaigroup.jp

Yet another superstar car collector, former Chelsea striker Didier Droba has a garage full of luxury cars. King amoung these is his Mercedes Benz CL- 65 AMG, which costs $275 000. Its twin turbo-charged V-12 engine can produce 620 horsepower. Although lacking the power of some cars in this list, the CL-65 AMG reaches 100km/h in a respectable 4 seconds.Former Chelsea striker is a car collector. He has in his garage many luxury cars, but most expensive is a Mercedes-Benz CL-65 AMG which costs £ 150,000.

Lionel Messi – Maserati GT MC Stradale

Images: www.goolfm.net

Lionel Messi’s garage is home to a white example of one of Maserati’s most famous models. A two door svelte coupe, the car has a 4.7 litre V-8 engine, and 338kW of power. The key concept of this vehicle is weight reduction. Messi’s Maserati is an impressive 110kg lighter than most of its sibling models, without compromising any of the power.

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