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It’s This Easy To Travel Across Australia for $1 a Day

Posted on: January 18, 2016 by Platinum Direct

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In our bustling, big-city lives it can sometimes be all to easy to forget that we live right next to some of the vastest and unspoilt open spaces in the world. While the landscape can be unforgiving, many people consider exploring the endless stretches of outback roads and outposts to be the adventure of a lifetime.

So what would you do if I told you could drive yourself across Australia for no more than $1 a day, with fuel included?
It sounds like a clickbait scam you’ll see in a banner ad of a dodgy website, but not only is it completely legitimate, it’s easy to do.

‘Relocation deals’

What I’m talking about is called ‘relocation’ deals, and they are available across Australia.
Australia’s car-hire network is a booming industry, with competing branches in almost every town and city hiring cars to tourists and gap-year students. Because of this, there is a constant need for them to move vehicles from one branch to another.
Now, they could pay a driver to transport the car vast distances at short notice – covering their fuel costs and wages.
Or, they could trim the price down to $1 a day and ask cost-cutting travellers to do the work for them!
It’s a perfect win/win situation – the hire company saves a huge amount of money, even if they cover your fuel costs, and you get a road trip of a lifetime for a buck a day!
If you still don’t believe me, check out a few of these websites that post these deals regularly:

The departure time, arrival time and start/end destinations, and, of course, the car itself, are preset and provided for you. So you trade off flexibility for the low price, unfortunately.
However, hundreds of deals are uploaded every month, leaving from every major city in Oz – so it’s only a matter of time before your perfect route is up for grabs.
An added bonus is that the majority of vehicles offered in these deals are campervans – you won’t even have to shell out for accommodation on your journey!

Wait, what’s the catch?

As with any great deal, there’s always a few things you have to bare in mind…

Every deal is different

There are hundreds of relocation deals posted online every month and they rotate regularly, often being snatched up by eager customers. On top of this, there are many different hire companies and branches posting these deals, and they all have different needs and requirements for each car.
It is easy enough to find the best deals, you just have to do some research. Some charge $1 a day, some $5 – a few are even free. Some longer journeys will offer you a generous fuel allowance, but some won’t offer you petrol money at all – which could vastly increase the cost of your trip.
If you are lucky, some of the longer trips might offer you a spending allowance to cover your costs. Considering these some are asking you to drive for 32 solid hours over five days, the spending money is very welcome. However, this is only available on the best deals.
Many will put you in a campervan, which contains everything you’ll need. However, some might give you a zippy little hatchback with no room for sleep bags, meaning you’ll have to plan places to stay on your journey.

No time to stop and chat

There’s no wriggle room in these deals. The cars have to leave and arrive on a set date, so you’ll have to be the flexible one.
The reason you are being offered the service so cheap is because you have to provide a service yourself. You are acting as their delivery driver so you are expected to do certain things like, for example, actually deliver the car at the agreed time.
This means that some deals will expect you to do things like driving from Brisbane to Sydney overnight. While it will be by far the cheapest way to get there, it doesn’t leave you any time to stop and admire the view.
Not all deals are like this. Some routes are leisurely, giving you plenty of time to soak in some of that sweet, natural beauty. For example, there’s currently a listing giving you 6-8 days to drive from Cairns to Melbourne. Although this mammoth journey is almost 3000km and 32 hours of straight driving, that levels out to about 5-6 hours driving a day, giving you time to enjoy Queensland’s beautiful coastal roads.

If you’d rather drive your own car on your next road trip, be sure to use our Car Finance Calculator to make sure you get the best rates available.

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