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Dashcams Show the State of Australia’s Drivers – Here’s Our 4 Favourites

Posted on: August 10, 2015 by Platinum Direct

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Dashcams seem like a no-brainer. In some countries, famously Russia, dashcams are a legal requirement to be on the road. Seems like a smart choice, especially in countries like Russia, where the road safety is… Well, let’s just say there aren’t very many countries in the world where you can get cut off by a horse and cart and a tank convoy at the same junction.

Unless you are someone who doesn’t like the idea of cameras being everywhere, dashcams are a good investment. They can be used to settle insurance disputes after a car crash, help identify dangerous drivers, and even cause you to drive more safely yourself.

But let’s be honest here: the best thing about them is their entertainment value. Dashcam footage has become a go-to YouTube compilations galore. There are hours and hours of footage of car’s driving dangerously and then skidding out of control, causing mayhem on roundabouts or even just reversing into parked cars.

Dashcams are not just being used in countries where they really seem needed. According to a recent article in the Daily Telegraph, dashcams are spreading across the outback like wildfire, with one supplier delivering over 250 cameras a week.

This inspired Australian road safety crusader, Nadav Golombick, to set up his website RoadShamer.com. This user-powered website hosts dashcam footage from all over the world and aims to call out stupid, selfish or downright dangerous drivers.

According to the Telegraph, Aussies are “rapidly gaining an international reputation for abysmal wheel-work”. Although, at the same time, Roadshamer.com reports “Aussies are currently leading the charge in uploading photos and videos of illegal and bad road behaviour … 80 have been received at Roadshamer over the past week, more than any other country, and it doesn’t look like stopping soon!”

To celebrate this, we’ve compiled a selection of the best (or worst) Aussie dashcam videos from Roadshamer.com – sit back, and prepare to get angry at these terrible driving displays:

You Can’t Argue with the Truth

It’s videos like this that prove the worth of a dashcam. A completely incompetent driver drifts across lanes into another car as if it’s nothing, and proceeds to skid into a shop window. After clearly merging without looking, he has the cheek to try and argue his way out of it.

Watch as the driver gets straight out the car and holds out his arms as if he had nothing to do with it (don’t worry, everyone is fine).

Car changes lane without looking and causes an accident – powered by roadshamer.com

I bet the uploader was glad he got that all on camera. It’s a shame the faces are blurred because it would be great to see the look on the guy’s face when he realises it was all on camera.

Big Car, Short Temper

It is an undisputed fact that getting behind the wheel gives some people a short fuse. Maybe it is something to do with being in a secure metal box on wheels that makes cars feel like a safe place to really let all that anger out.

On top of that, the stakes being much higher than normal – bad decisions made by others walking down the street might trip you up and scuff your shoes a little, but in a car they can be fatal. Feeling untouchable in a dangerous environment is a pretty volatile combination. No wonder Roadshamer is so full of road rage footage.

And, using the above logic, the bigger and safer the car feels, the more impotent rage you’ve got to give.

And on that note, check out this footage of a Toyota Hilux driver using his huge car to muscle in on other driver’s.

Hilux Road Rage – powered by roadshamer.com

Just like the school bully, this guy is just throwing his weight around to scare people into doing what he wants. I don’t know what the other driver had done to deserve this game of chicken, but I doubt it’s worth risking injury and a big insurance claim.

Taking Queue Jumping to the Next Level

I’m not sure what’s more dangerous – a bad driver who just makes the wrong decisions by accident, or a competent driver who deliberately disregards the rules of the road. Some people, however, just choose to disregard the road itself.

Watch as this guy takes queue jumping into uncharted territory:

Here’s one way to jump ahead of the queue – powered by roadshamer.com

I mean, I know traffic can be in a pain, but unless his wife is in labour in the back seat, there’s just no need to be in such a hurry.

This is pretty dangerous stuff. I’ve watched enough dashcam footage to know manoeuvres like that will just end up with you wrecked against a lamp post – but seeing as Roadshamer has a whole “driving on the sidelines”, it must be a common occurrence.

What really annoys me more than them putting other’s at risk, is the fact that he’s cheating the rest of us sitting in traffic jams like fools. It’s just plain rude.

Who’s Watching the Watchmen

It turns out it’s not just the average Joe’s that are all over the place on the road. The culprit in this video is none other than one of Australia’s finest boys in blue!

Watch as the police car either don’t check their mirrors, or just don’t seem to mind who’s getting cut off.

[WARNING: if you listen closely you is some NSFW language]

Police Car illegal Turn – powered by roadshamer.com

As one Telegraph commenter points out: “Most drivers in OZ use the indicator as a means of confirming a move they’ve already commenced”. This officer takes it one step further by tricking the car behind into thinking it’s about to commence in a completely different direction. I suppose getting people to crash into you is a great way to meet ticket quotas without having to go out and find the bad guys yourself.

If you’ve been involved in an accident worthy of Roadshamer.com, make sure you come to us to get the best deal on your replacement!

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