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7 Futuristic Police Cars

Posted on: February 24, 2014 by Platinum Direct

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Criminals beware, the police are using the latest in technology to hunt you down. In this article, we will discuss some of the most amazing cop cars seen in the movies as well as some of the real concept police vehicles coming into production in the next few years.

Blade Runner Police Car

This 1982 cult sci-fi thriller by Ridley Scott has one of the first futuristic police cars designed to hover. Set in Los Angeles in November 2019, the police cars, also known as ‘spinners,’ can be driven both on the ground or flown in the air by using ‘aerodyne’ lift. They are used in the film to fly over the population and monitor them from the skies.

CC By Wikipedia

Total Recall Police Car

Hover police cars seem to be all the rage when it comes to the movies. Indeed, the 2011 remake of Total Recall is another example where the police have taken to the air. That said, the future of policing may not be far away with the Dubai police department last year converting a $500,000 Lamborghini into a police car that looks very similar to the one in Total Recall.

CC by Movies.com

Demolition Man Police Car

The 1993 Stallone / Snipes sci-fi classic uses a General Motors concept car, the Ultralite, as a police vehicle. The Ultralite was initially designed as a low emissions passenger vehicle and had gullwing doors. It was painted in police stripes for the movie but also featured in Bicentennial Man and an episode of seaQuest DSV.

Bat Mobile

Technically not a police vehicle, the iconic Bat Mobile is one four-wheeler that is guaranteed to stop most criminals in their tracks. While there have been many incarnations of the Bat Mobile in print and film, one of the most iconic is the ‘Tumbler’ from the Christopher Nolan trilogy. Built in Saudi Arabia and weighing in at an epic 2,268 kilograms, this is one enforcement vehicle that you don’t want pursuing you.

CC By Dave Herholz

Dodge Police Car

Moving to more realistic police vehicles, the Dodge Police Car is more likely the police vehicle you will see on the roads in the future. On display at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last year, the future of policing is more about going hi-tech on the inside of the car than the look on the outside. This new design has a built in PC with touch screen as well as ergonomic seats and solar panels.

Honda CHP Drone Squad

Patrolling the Los Angeles highways are about to get a whole lot more hi-tech with Honda’s CHP Drone Squad. Planned for release in 2025, the ‘drone squad’ consists of two vehicles – a manned mission control vehicle and an unmanned Moto-Drone motorcycle. Honda plans to use these drone squads as rapid response teams to emergency situations.

CC By www.carbodydesign.com

The Scarab

Speaking of unmanned police vehicles, the Scarab is a self-driven cop car designed for high-speed police chases. This electric robot car is expected to lower police casualty rates by removing them from the dangers of highway pursuits. Designed to sit behind a patrol car, when a speeding vehicle is detected, the officer uses a radar gun to tag the vehicle before signaling the Scarab to give chase.

CC By http://www.trendhunter.com

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