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Chattel Mortgage

We’re experts in finding you the best chattel mortgage for your circumstances. A chattel mortgage is very similar to the kind of mortgage you would expect to get for your house. For a car chattel mortgage, you can generally borrow money from a lender to purchase a moveable property (the chattel). The lender then secures the loan against this asset (like a property mortgage) and retains the mortgage of until loan has been repaid.

Best Chattel Mortgage Providers

We have access to the best chattel mortgage providers in Australia. Take the hassle out of finding the best chattel mortgage providers in Australia by letting our consultants speak on your behalf with over 15 financiers in Australia to provide you with a choice of quotes that suit your budget, term, car and circumstances. One quick phone call is all it takes to get us to do the hard work for you.

Chattel Mortgage Finance for Businesses

Give us a call to discuss chattel mortgage finance and its benefits for commercial purposes – it can offer significant tax advantages for you or your business. Giving the business entire ownership of the asset at the start of the contract, chattel mortgage finance is a flexible contract so offers a degree of freedom. At Platinum Direct Finance we offer terms from 12 months through to 84 months. There are also flexible balloon payment options available with no early termination penalties.

If you are interested in understanding more about chattel mortgage finance and whether it would be suitable for you, please call one of our friendly consultants – a 5 minute obligation free conversation will probably save you some money and definitely save you a lot of time!

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Chattel Mortgage
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