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Car Guide

Give us a call today to use our friendly consultants as your very own personal car guide. They can guide you through the process of finding the right car depending on your requirements. You may wish to consider the following – will you be using the car for work, family travel, holiday, sports and recreations? Do you need a big boot – 5 seats, 7 seats? Is fuel economy important? Our car guide experts can discuss all of this with you and find you the perfect vehicle to suit your needs.

Car Advice

Do you need car advice? The consultants at Platinum Direct Finance can give you the right car advice to suit your needs. Is safety a priority over size? Do you need to tow a boat, drop the kids at school? We can help you decide which the best vehicle for you situation is. Feel free to give our car advice consultants as short or as long a list of requirements as you’d like – they can then source the vehicle on your behalf, cutting out the hassle of dealing with multiple dealers while also negotiating significant discounts compared to walking into a dealer off the street. Platinum Direct Finance can then help you with Insurance, Finance and any other advice you need in respect to getting you into a new car.

Car Information

Our consultants have access to car information that can often be hard to track down. Useful car information might include fuel economy, resale values, ability to finance & maintenance costs. Speak to us today to ensure you have access to all of the most relevant car information before deciding which vehicle to purchase. We’re across all the latest deals in car finance, car insurance and car purchasing – our mission is to guide you through all these processes and get you into you new car today.

First up, think carefully about what you will use the car for ie. to and from work, family travel, personal tasks, holidays, sports and recreation, business, etc. Chances are, some or all of the above. But some categories will take precedence over others. How many people do you need to carry? Is a big boot important for the sports equipment, musical instruments, dogs, shopping? Will you venture beyond the bitumen? Do you need power, or is fuel economy more important? Is safety a priority over size? Do you need to tow a boat? Its definitely worth considering before you buy, because the more requirements you list, the easier it becomes to choose the right car.

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