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Buying a New Car

There’s nothing like the feeling of buying a new car. Indeed, that new car smell is considered by many people to be one of life’s most satisfying experiences. However, while the end result of the purchase can make you feel like a million bucks, sometimes the process of buying a new car is rife with pitfalls and deceptions.

In many dealerships, the competition between car salespeople can be fierce, and sometimes unscrupulous. Buyers often have to be on their guard against sneaky tactics that can appear in high pressure sales situations. This is where Platinum Direct finance can help.

Given our broad list of contacts, we’re able to buy new cars and buy used cars from around the country, finding you the best deal. We purchase so many vehicles a year for our customers that we’re able to negotiate significant discounts which we then pass on to you.

If you are in the market to buy a new car, here are some of our expert tips:

Do your research

Before walking into a dealership, make sure you research the vehicle you are looking to buy on the internet. Check out independent reviews and compare similar makes and models from other car manufacturers. If you are finding it difficult to understand all the auto jargon, give Platinum Direct Finance a call. Our expert car finance brokers can explain it all to you in plain English. We can even send out a mechanic to the dealership to make a full inspection on the car so you know that you’re buying something reliable and trustworthy.

Do I need all those car options?

It is easy to be sucked into all the glitz and glam of that options kitted new car on the showroom floor. But do you really need all those new car extras? Many manufacturers now ensure that extras such as ‘rust-proofing’ and ‘protective paint’ come standard on their vehicles, so be wary of dealers trying to sell these to you as an ‘optional extra’. Remember that any extras you include when you buy a new car will also be an additional expense. Use the Platinum Direct Finance car finance calculator to figure out how much you can spend with your current budget.

Test drive

Always take the car you are thinking about purchasing for a spin. If you are time poor or nervous about asking for a test drive, give us a call on 1300 554 553 and we can arrange a test drive for you. Likewise, we can ensure your new car be delivered to your door with our Car Buying Service.

New car finance and insurance

When it comes to new car finance and insurance, the list of options can be as long as your arm. Just because you bought a new car from a dealership doesn’t mean you have to sign up to their financial terms. Don’t let a dealer push you into signing up an in-house financial contract. Often the dealer receives a commission on new car finance deals and the contracts are usually less competitive than if you shopped around.

Platinum Direct Finance is the perfect alternative. We are partnered with over 15 of Australia’s most trusted financial leaders including Esanda, Allianz, Commonwealth Bank, ANZ and Westpac and can source the most competitive new car finance loans for you to compare and select. Using Platinum Direct Finance can potentially save you thousands of dollars over the life of the car loan when compared to some dealership financial contracts. To get pre-approved for a new car loan today speak to a Platinum Direct Finance broker.

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