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Buying a Used Car

If you are looking to buy a used car from either a private seller or a dealership, it is important that you protect yourself from making a bad purchase. Performing some simple inspections and checks can save yourself from ending up with a lemon.

If you are unsure on how to buy a used car or what to look for, speak to Platinum Direct Finance. We can send out a mechanic to inspect the vehicle on your behalf.

What to look for when buying a used car

If you are in the market to buy a used car, make sure you cover off this simple checklist:

  • Inspect the car in daylight where it is bright enough to spot any damage
  • Ensure the front wheels are correctly aligned with the back wheels, if they are not, this could be a sign of chassis damage from a vehicle accident
  • Check the interior of the car for:
    • Rust or damage
    • Broken seatbelts and seats
    • Broken dashboard dials and switches
  • Check under the bonnet for signs of:
    • Rust or damage
    • Welding repair marks
    • Oil leaks
  • Cold start the engine and look for smoke or unusual mechanical sounds
  • Test drive the car:
    • Ensure there are no strange sounds or limited movement in the steering
    • Check the breaks and gears
    • Test the handbrake
    • Test the headlights, indicators and all other dashboard switches

    You may wish to ask the seller the following questions or we can ask on your behalf:

    • Why are you selling the car?
    • How long have you owned the car?
    • How many owners has the car had?
    • How many kilometres has it done?
    • Do you have a full service history for the car?
    • Does the seller actually own the car?
    • Has it ever been in a crash?
    • Is it garaged?

You are trying to establish a basic history of the car, and what kind of life it has had. This will give you an insight into potential problems the car may experience in the future.

As a general rule, buy the newest car with the lowest number of kilometres you can afford. Try to avoid looking at cars on rainy days, because it can hide imperfections in the paint that could indicate previous panel damage. If a car has been properly serviced, it should be in reasonable mechanical condition. New cars come with a handbook, with pages that are filled in at each service.

Checking the used car’s history

Write down the VIN number of the car, located on the engine, and check it at a motor registry to ensure that the car is not stolen nor has any money outstanding on it. Every State has a different registry so ensure you compare it to the databases where the vehicle is registered.

Likewise, before you buy a used car, ensure all the paperwork is in order and you have the original versions of the vehicle’s logbook, service history and registration papers. If you are unsure of how to check these details, speak to a Platinum Direct Finance car broker today.

Arranging used car finance

Platinum Direct Finance works with over 15 Australian financial lenders to source the best car loans on the market for you to compare. Whether you are looking to negotiate on a hire purchase, car loan, novated lease or chattel mortgage, Platinum Direct Finance can help you buy a used car sooner, just fill in the details at the right of the page for an instant car finance quote.

Note: It is important to never ever send any seller money without completely inspecting the car and checking its used car history.

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