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Platinum Direct has access to discounts on new & used cars. We can speak with the dealer on your behalf and negotiate the best possible price. Talk to one of our consultants about buying a car today, simply fill in the enquiry form.

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Buy a Car

For many people, buying a car is one of the most important financial decisions they will make in their lives.

Indeed, there is much more to buying a car than choosing whether to purchase a new car or a used one. You will also need to understand the different types of car finance available, and, if you are planning to use the car for work, you should be aware of the potential fringe benefits tax advantages.

If all this sounds a little daunting, Platinum Direct Finance is here to help. Our consultants have significant experience in the auto industry and know all the tips and tricks when it comes to getting the best deal for you.

Car finance with Platinum Direct Finance

When seeking out dealer finance, there are a number of car finance options to choose from including:

To help make your car finance decision easier, simply ask yourself three simple questions:

  • Do you want to own the car outright at the end of the payment period or do you just want to lease the car?
  • Will the car be used for primarily work purposes or is it for private use?
  • How much do I want to borrow?

Once you have answers to these questions, give Platinum Direct Finance a call. We’ll get to work and provide you with competitive quotes from 15 different Australian car finance lenders, so you can compare and save.

The cost of buying a car

There are many associated on-road cost you will have to pay once you decide to buy a car. Some of these can be rolled into the on-going payments of your car loan, while others must be paid as an upfront payment when you purchase the vehicle. It is important to budget for these additional costs as they can affect your overall decision to buy a car.

Some of these additional expenses include:

  • New car extras – Buying a new car comes with a number of extra expenses that you will need to factor into your budget. These can include:
    • Vehicle registration
    • Number plates
    • Dealer delivery charges
  • Other on-road costs – Platinum Direct Finance can negotiate with the dealer on your behalf to waiver some of these additional expenses
  • Stamp duty – a percentage of the purchase price must be paid to your state government when you buy a new car or a used car. How much this percentage is varies from State to State. Content Platinum Direct Finance to find out more.
  • Compulsory Third Party insurance – Also known as a CTP-Greenslip, you must by law purchase this insurance to cover any people other than yourself injured in an accident
  • Comprehensive car insurance – It is highly recommended that you obtain comprehensive car insurance to cover you from damage, injury or loss in an accident. Platinum Direct Finance can arrange a competitive car insurance quote from our preferred car insurance broker, Allianz.

Why deal with the hassle of speaking to multiple car dealerships, many car insurance companies and a number of different banks for your car loan? We can streamline the process for you with one simple phone call.

Car Sales

If you’re looking to trade your current vehicle to purchase a new one, we can help with that too. Simply give us a call and let us know what you’re currently driving, then we’ll help you to find a new home for that vehicle so that you can move on to your next car as quickly and easily as possible.

Car Buying Service
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