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Top 6 Celebrities Cars That Were Stolen

Posted on: September 2, 2013 by Platinum Direct

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Some people want fame and fortune, other people just want your car; and they’ll take it by whatever means they can.

From shiny rims, to unique features, to million dollar car manufacturers, celebrities often get the ‘star-treatment’ when cruising in their shiny ride. However, having that eye-catching car has its draw backs and even celebrities are not immune to misfortunes such as auto theft.

Here are six famous stars whose glitzy rides were stolen by the seedy criminal underworld:

John Travolta

In 2011, a thief made a quick getaway with John Travolta’s 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SL, estimated to be worth around $100,000, after he had parked it outside a Jaguar car dealership. Travolta was reportedly only away from his car for ten minutes before it was pinched. One could suggest that it was a ploy by a savvy Jaguar dealer to convince Travolta to buy a Jag, just so he could get home!
John Travolta Mercedes
Photo by: Glen Bowman.

Sylvester Stallone

You’d think only a brave (or stupid) person would deliberately try to steal the car of Rocky “Rambo” Balboa, but in 1994, a thief broke into Sylvester Stallone’s house and stole his iconic custom-built, 1950 Mercury from his garage. Fast forwarding 15 years to 2009, and Stallone came across the same vehicle for sale at an online car auction. In order to regain the car, which was featured in the movie “Cobra,” Sly filed a lawsuit against the auction company. The two parties reached a settlement later that year that allowed Sly to get back his beloved car, worth a reported $250,000.

Rod Stewart

Just like Stallone, veteran rocker, Rod Stewart also had his vehicle stolen from his own garage. In 2004, a disgruntled gardener stole Stewart’s yellow Dodge Viper from the crooner’s Palm Beach mansion and drove it into a nearby canal. According to a report, the car had incurred more than $15,000 worth of damage by the time it was discovered by a few hours later.
Rod Stewart Dodge Viper
Photo by: Michael Gil.

Graham Norton

It seems garages are the hotspot for celebrity vehicle thefts and Graham Norton’s black Lexus hybrid RX 450 is an addition to this list. In 2012, thieves ransacked his house and stole a number of valuables; they then used his car as the getaway vehicle. Estimated to be worth around $65,000, the Lexus was later recovered thanks to a tracking device that had been installed by the dealership.

Charlie Sheen

Perhaps ironically, it was at the height of his ‘madness’ in 2010 that Charlie Sheen discovered his Mercedes SUV had been stolen and smashed into a nearby ravine by a mystery driver. Sheen was first alerted of the theft when operators of his car alarm system informed him the car has been driven off a cliff. The driver was not found, but one can speculate that they may have had ‘tiger blood’ in their system.

Kanye West

2010 was also the year that Kanye West’s $110,000 Porsche Panamera was pinched before it was driven into a house in Hawaii. According to witnesses, three men, who have since taken the “rap” for the crime, were seen running from the sportscar after their joyride ended abruptly when it slammed into the multimillion dollar home. The car was parked at West’s cousin’s house when it was stolen.
Kanye Porsche
Photo by: Debarshi Ray

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