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Platinum Direct – Top 6 Driving Experiences in Australia

Posted on: February 15, 2016 by Platinum Direct

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Many of us buy our first car to gain a little sense of freedom and independance. It allows us to travel to places that otherwise we may never have visited. However with great cars, come great responsibility.

Blaze a trail in these breathtaking driving experiences in Australia!
Or choose the perfect gift for your thrill seeking loved ones!

These 6 trips are among the most enjoyable and affordable driving experiences available to you.

Drift Driver Advanced Experience

Location: Bacchus Marsh, Victoria
Price: $375
Duration: 3 hours

1 Drift Driver Advanced Experience

In this adrenaline-fueled day you’ll be power-sliding and stirring up the earth beneath you as you learn how to drift like a pro!
You’ll be taught all the techniques on a fantastic purpose-built drift oval. You’ll even learn how to switch between left and right corners in one continuous slide.

The location is private and therefore driving licence won’t be needed. This package will have you seated in a powerful, lightweight Nissan where you’ll have an experience like no other!

Get more information here.

Quad Bike Sand Dune Adventure – Shipwreck Tour

Location: Newcastle, New South Wales
Price: $220
Duration: 1.5 hours

2 Quad Bike Sand Dune Adventure - Shipwreck Tour

Take control of a powerful 4WD quad bike and ride along the vast Stockton Beach, stretching to over 30 km! You’ll get to speed up 40 metre sand dunes that give you 360 degree views inland and far out to sea. Experience this breathtaking trip with a friend! The fun and friendly guides will help you get the most out of your experience by catering to your capabilities and adventurous streak.

Cruise along the blissful coastline towards the remains of the Norwegian Sygna shipwreck that ran aground during a major storm in May 1974. Remember to pack a camera to document this scenic tour and to capture the impressive wreck!

Don’t just take my word for it.
Check out all the positive reviews and book your adventure here!

Rally Car and V8 Buggy Driving Experience

Location: Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Price: $422
Laps: 18 Laps

3 Rally Car and V8 Buggy Driving Experience

This combo experience will have you behind the wheel of a V8 Buggy and a Subaru WRX car! Take 8 off road laps in a powerful V8 buggy followed by 1 lap driven by a professional. Then get in the driver’s seat of a WRX Turbo Rally car for another 8 laps, also followed by a blistering passenger seat ride!

The professional drivers are both knowledgeable and encouraging, ensuring your experience is enjoyable and suited to your sense of adventure.

You can read the reviews and find out more right here.

Off Road V8 Race Buggies

Location: Colo Heights, Sydney
Price: $292.50
Laps: 10 Laps and 2 Hot Laps

For this reasonable price you’ll receive a full safety briefing and the chance take the wheel in a V8 Race Buggy for 10 intense laps! And when you think it’s all over you’ll get to ride shotgun for 2 full-throttle hot laps driven by a pro.

These beastly buggies can gain speeds up to 200km. Rest assured you’ll be catching some air and kicking up dust at a phenomenal speed.
Watch Peter Wells, adrenaline junkie, have a blast on the track:

Book your experience here!

Ferrari & Lamborghini Drive

Location: Melbourne
Price: $799
Duration: 2 hours (150km)

5 Ferrari & Lamborghini Drive

Tear up 150 km of road in the stunning Ferrari F430 and Lamborghini Gallardo! In this supercar adventure, you’ll have the opportunity to spend an exhilarating hour in each of these gorgeous cars.

You’ll be provided with expert guidance from an advanced driving instructor – so you can learn about your cars and get the most out of the experience! Don’t forget to bring a camera, you’ll have a chance to get photos with these beautiful rides.

At only $799, you’re getting an experience of a lifetime for half price!

Learn more about this experience here!

Stunt Driving Wild Ride Passenger Experience

Location: Sandown Raceway
Price: $100
Duration: 1 hour

6 Stunt Driving Wild Ride Passenger Experience

In this bizarre yet exciting experience you’ll be sat in the passenger seat while an experienced stunt driver puts your nerves to the test!

You’ll be flying through the air on a 50 foot long ramp to ramp jump, taking multiple 360 degree spins and even enduring the ultimate precision driving trick – riding shotgun while your driver shows you what driving on two wheels is like!

Find out more about this awesome, cost-effective experience here!


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