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The 10 Most Ridiculous Low-Budget Car Mods

Posted on: October 13, 2015 by Platinum Direct

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The car modification community is as diverse and creative as it is slightly unhinged. We’ve all seen the boy racers, amateur track drivers and car lovers who’ve poured thousands of dollars into their motors – adding slick spoilers, custom paint jobs and engines that can be heard 5 city blocks away.

But there is a whole subset of this community who love their cars and want to personalise them but don’t have the money to go to a professional.

But who’s ever let something as trivial as a lack of money get in the way of their dreams?

It’s well proven that constraints help breed creativity, which is why some of the cars in the list are the most imaginative, inventive, and downright terrible car modifications around.

I’m not sure how many of these cars I’d actually want to own (if any), or how many of these cars should actually be legal to drive – but you’ve got to appreciate the effort… Right?

Let’s see dive in and see 10 of the most ridiculous hack-job car mods around.

1. King of the Road


Ever been at the back of a traffic jam wondering just how far it’s going to go?

This guy sure hasn’t – with his vantage point he can see to the end of any jam.

I’m not entirely sure what this guy is compensating for, all I’m saying is that there’s no way he’s climbing into that without a step ladder.

You’ve got to give it to them, though, it is an impressive piece of amateur engineering.

2. “I live, I die. I LIVE AGAIN!”


This car looks like its straight out of an amateur remake of Mad Max: Fury Road. I’m half expecting a raggedy Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron to stumble out of the front seats.

Just in case you weren’t sure – yes, those are boxing gloves stuck on to the rear. Perhaps the owner wants to let everyone know that his car ‘packs a punch’.

All there is to add is an R.I.P to all the sofas and cargo shorts that went into making this tribute to master leatherworking.

3. ‘Prius Repelant’


Never have I seen a more appropriate poorly-spelled bumper sticker.

It is unclear as whether the owner is attempting to stick a deliberate finger up to eco-conscious, or if this is just a higher power punishing them for their hubris.

Ironically, the blackened rear of this supposedly white car would be enough to prove to anyone that car engines pump out some serious smog into the environment.

I’ve heard that regulators want to make this an industry standard across all Volkswagen cars to make sure they don’t sneak through any more emissions tests.

4. Pretty Pimpin’


Okay, this one probably doesn’t strictly belong on this list – gold rims sure don’t come cheap, you know.

But with a colour scheme like that, the car is just screaming to be shown off. Blacked out windows, glossy magenta bodywork with a gold trim: if that doesn’t show off your class, nothing will.

This is probably a professional job, or at least an expensive amateur one. Either way, it proves the old saying: ‘you can’t buy taste’.

5. Not So Pimpin’


I’ve seen deflated tyres before, but I’ve never seen a whole car that looks like someone’s let the air out of it to put it out of its misery. One surprise speed bump and the car is out of action forever anyway.

Come to think of it, this car looks like if the car listed above had botched plastic surgery.

I’m not even sure how having diagonal wheels helps you get around, but at least with those 6-foot exhausts they won’t be getting any sooty stains on the paint job.

6. Porta Potti


Some people modify cars to get better performance, some do it to show off. Others modify for the sake of convenience, like this guy, who has added what seems to be the ultimate public convenience to the back of his car. All I want to know is, what happens when you flush?

Alternatively, this driver could actually be proposing a genius new form of affordable housing. With property prices at their current state, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw more and more pint-sized ‘car’avans in the future.

7. Raising the Benchmark


Now that’s what you call a real ‘7-seater’.

Remember the above ‘constraints cause creativity’ – well here’s a prime example of that right here. Not sure how safe it is to weld garden furniture to the back of your vehicle, whatever point they were trying to make with this, they’ve certainly proved it.

Maybe the owner lost a bet, maybe they have a whole line of public park-themed cars, maybe nobody told them that the seats usually go on the inside.

Whatever the reason is, hopefully nobody sits down to feed the ducks only to get whisked off down the highway.

8. Stretch Geo Metro


One rule I live by – never take a ride in a car with a visible seam down the middle.

For most drivers, the subcompact Geo Metro has completely fallen off their radar. One determined hobbyist decided to keep the Metro spirit alive by creating various hyper-modified versions, including this Metro stretch limo.

According to the car’s Facebook fan page (I know, who’d have thought this car would have fans?), the stretch Geo was made to “haul big loads while still getting about 45 mpg”.

The only thing I can imagine getting in this car is funny looks and sideways glances, although the car does look much more stable than some of the hack n’ slashed limousines around.

9. Like This One…


Ever thought your van just wasn’t big enough but didn’t have the capital to buy a truck? No problem! Just find another van and weld it onto the back. As long as you value storage space over the safety of yourself and those around you – what could possibly go wrong?

First question – why would you need to this? Second question – why would you go through all that effort to add length to a van and then strap your ladder to the top of it?

10. Not Fooling Anyone


Hyundai makes great cars, but they just don’t hold the same gravitas as a classic Jaguar. The solution – one Jaguar emblem bought off eBay and some super-glue. Now you can show off your new one-of-a-kind Hyundai Jaguar, presumably at a local dive bar with a huge “Golf Course & Country Club” sign stuck on the front of it.

If you want to get your hands on your own car to act out your crazy modification fantasies on, use Platinum Direct Finance’s car finance calculator to get the best possible finance rates on your next disasterpiece.

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